Are your batteries running low? Once in a while we may come across a period in our lives where we feel fatigued. And while we often talk about taking care of our bodies, not many of us ever talk about taking care of our minds. 

Dominique de Marné, mental health advocate, believes it is important to erase the stigma and provide a safe space to explore all things mental health. Venture on a reflective journey and discover new sides within yourself!

Join our interactive Mental Health session and embark on a TEDxTUM Adventure with us!

Discover Your mind: What to expect

With this TEDxTUM Adventure, we want to give you the chance to reflect on mental health and to discuss your thoughts with others as well as with mental health advocate Dominique de Marné.

We are going to offer this adventure multiple times within the next months always focusing on a different topic related to mental health.

The first “Discover Your Mind” adventure will take place on 23 January 2021 and will focus on the theme “The Old You”.  The second one will take place on 13 February 2021 and will revolve around the topic of “Mindfulness”. Due to the current situation, both events will take place virtually.

Also, we believe talking about an important topic like mental health is easier in your native language. Therefore, we will offer this adventure alternately in German and English with the first one being in German. However, you are more than welcome to join of course even if the adventure is not in your native language. 

At a glance

Date & Time 23 January 2021, 5pm-7pm (approx.) | 13 February 2021, 5pm-7pm (approx.)
Location Virtual (details will be send out to attendees via e-mail)
Program Enjoy this interactive workshop with the TEDxTUM team and mental health advocate Dominique de Marné. You will also get a TEDxTUM gift box including a notepad, a pen, a mental health goodie, and many more TEDxTUM surprises sent directly to your door step.
Language The event on 23 January will be in German, the one on 13 February will be in English
Term and Conditions See our Terms & Conditions to learn about general rules and our cancellation policy
FAQ Any questions? Check our FAQ‘s or send us an email to

Dominique de Marné

Dominique de Marné appreciates life’s gifts—big and small. She’d spend every day in the mountains if she could, and yet the light at sunset brings her bliss on a daily basis. So much of Dominique’s personality is electric, but something in particular stands out: ask her to rate her happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, and she’ll probably hit you with a 9. At first blush, she seems like a naturally exuberant person sharing joy with the world…but what if you learned that Dominique’s upbeat demeanor is the hard-won victory over a battle with mental health? Dominique was held captive by a darkness over her life for ten arduous years, but worked to lift herself into the sunshine. Nowadays, as an advocate for mental health, she shares her story to help shine a light for anyone who is struggling in their own darkness.

In 2019, she entered the TEDxTUM stage to share her story and her mission of creating spaces that foster this conversation.


We are selling tickets for each adventure individually. So, if you want to attend “Discover Your Mind” multiple times, please also purchase multiple tickets.

Currently, we are selling tickets for:

  • Discover Your Mind: Mindfulness, 13 February 2021, English

Purchase your ticket until Sunday, 07 February to make sure that your gift box arrives before the event.

If you purchase your ticket later, you will of course also receive a gift box, but it might arrive after the event.

Please be aware that we can only send gift boxes to addresses in Germany.

To ensure a small group size, we are only selling a limited amount of tickets. So, don’t wait too long to grab your ticket.

If you can’t attend the adventure yourself, you can transfer your ticket to someone else, but please keep in mind that we are sending out gift boxes as part of the adventure. We cannot ensure that shipping addresses for boxes can also be changed later since we will send out the boxes soon after ticket purchase.

Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information.


Future adventures

We will hopefully offer this adventure again. Stay tuned!

We are also planning adventures with different topics and speakers. Check our adventure page to see what is already planned.