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We are an organization devoted to ideas worth spreading stemming from the Technical University of Munich. Our aim is to share people’s passions, set spark to the curious mind and encourage our community to flourish upon each other’s ideas. Our program and activities create a playground for the creative mind, through which we connect and engage leading thinkers and doers in the community in and around Munich, both during and in-between events.


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With a team of such incredible passion, attention to detail and perfectionism, TEDxTUM is an event I fully enjoyed. As attendee I was fully taken care of. Wonderful moderation and talks on stage, many of which inspired me. Outside the Audimax, food, drinks, and program were very well thought out. It was easy to get to know other attendees, get in contact with speakers and to simply have a good time.

Anonymous Audience Member (2018)

The event was over a week ago and I still have moments of sudden remembrance of one or the other amazing talk, video or performance and I keep telling people who cross my way. I loved the fact that the speakers and performers were from really diverse backgrounds and that their ways of transmitting their messages were so different as well. I just wanted to send you a big thank you for inviting me.

Judith Egger, Speaker (2018)

This was my first TEDx event and it was amazing. Fantastic venue, great speakers, good curation of topics, nice environment. A lot of open-minded people to connect with. Beverages and food included in affordable price. I could not ask for more and will be back.

Anonymous Audience Member (2017)