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Scavenger Hunt


Choose a riddle!

Take part in this year´s Scavenger Hunt!
By solving a story you get the chance to win a prize. To make the game easier and more fun for you, we suggest you to solve the stories in a group/pair. If it gets too hard, TEDxTUM members in the Scavenger Hunt Room are always there to give you some hints.;)

Story 1: Save the forests!

It is the summer of 2030, and the effects of climate change are striking stronger than ever. The fire just started in the forest and is spreading fast. Help the firefighters locate the fire, so that the damage can be minimized. 

Story 2: Find the hacker!

Twitter is your kingdom. You have more followers than Elon Musk and Lady Gaga combined. One morning you wake up and realize that your account has been hacked. Help the police get the hacker behind bars!

Story 3: Create an AI tool for sleep monitoring

You lead a team of biomedical engineers. You love working with your team. But holy cow are they grumpy and foggy in the morning… maybe they are not sleeping WELL enough?
Create a wearable tool with integrated artificial intelligence to measure the quantity and quality of sleep.