Live Improv Theater | Bake This
TEDxTUM 2015 • Topics: Art, Comedy, Entertainment, Humor, Theater
Live Improv Theater | Bake This | TEDxTUM

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Bake This, the English-speaking improv group from Munich, perform on stage with the help of the TEDxTUM audience. Their games are fun, spontaneous and inspire people to say "yes and".
About Bake This
Bake This was founded in 2011 by a group of theatre loving expatriates and was the first improv group in Munich to perform entirely in English. Rehearsing first in a local bakery, the group used this as inspiration to come up with the name Bake This. Today the group performs regularly in Munich. Bake This has also taken their passion for improv from the stage to offices, seminars and schools where they give workshops on the basics of improv including accepting new ideas, being flexible and just plain having fun. Like all improv, nothing Bake This does on stage has been planned and it will never be seen twice. Using this spontaneous and invigorating form of theatre they challenge their audiences to take part in their own way; to create, to laugh, to love, to follow their impulses, and to say ‘yes and’.