Design beyond the shape | Benoit Jacob
TEDxTUM 2014 • Topics: Climate Change, Computer Science, Design, Germany, Lifestyle, Sustainability
Design beyond the shape | Benoit Jacob | TEDxTUM

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What if the key to sustainable design lies in the people and not just in the shape and aesthetics of the product? In his fascinating work as an automotive designer, Benoit Jacob shows that modern design includes more than just beauty that the eye can see.
About Benoit Jacob
Benoit Jacob is Head of Design for BMW i since 2010, the new subbrand of BMW. He follows a thoroughly sustainable design approach that goes far beyond the normal design of automobiles. The nonchalant creative stands out due to his exhaustless curiosity, a fascination for master pieces of engineering and a huge passion for his work. He was aged just ten when he made up his mind to be a car designer.