Christiana Bukalo
TEDxTUM 2021

If you were to ask Christiana Bukalo, a Social Change Maker, about her one wish—the  response would certainly be "That all stateless people no longer feel singled out, but as a part of a community."

Statelessness and community have been two important aspects in Christiana Bukalo's life and she has made it her job to reconcile them. But what is Statelessness? It means not having any citizenship, which often leads to grave personal consequences with more or less visible repercussions. In short, it can lead to a person not being able to vote, marry, access social welfare, or move freely. 

Following an unsuccessful and burdensome trip to Morocco, Christiana decided not to let her emotions get the best of her and to make it her mission to change the system. To this end, she founded Statefree e.V., an organization that aims to build a community and provide a platform for the 12 million stateless people around the world.

Watch out for her talk at TEDxTUM 2021 on 3 October!