How looking up to the night sky gets us to think deeper | Paul Salazar
TEDxTUM 2019 • Topics: Astronomy, Big bang, Community, Cosmos, Curiosity, Exploration, Human origins, Moon, Solar system, Space, Sun, Universe

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Who doesn’t like a good party? Paul Salazar likes a very specific type: Stargazing parties. As amateur astronomer, he has many great stories to tell about planets, our galaxy, and the entire universe -- and he likes to tell these to people and watch them reflect on life’s big questions. In this talk, he shows us how looking up to the night sky and exploring it as a group can help us to better understand the universe - and our place in it.  
About Paul Salazar
Entrepreneur and amateur astronomer Paul Salazar sits at a cross-section of different paths in life. Stemming from Mexican and Armenian roots, he’s a native of Los Angeles. His 30-year software and tech career led him up the California coastline to Silicon Valley before diverting across the globe to Munich, Germany. Despite Paul’s journeys across our planet, he’s always had his eyes on the skies. His passion for astronomy is something that he wants to share with the world around him. A natural teacher, he wants to not only improve the world but enrich it; it is Paul’s ultimate goal to use his knowledge, passion, and zest for the stars as a driving force for minds (young and old) around him. Paul is a storyteller, an optimist, a traveler, a sidewalk astronomer, a coffee-drinker.