Create a universe out of a single line | Simon James
TEDxTUM 2016 • Topics: Adventure, Art, Arts Education, Career, Communication, Creation, Creativity, Culture, Failure, Self, Self improvement, Work
Create a universe out of a single line | Simon James | TEDxTUM

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Simon James creates "two-dimensional sculptures" - paintings made of layers of chalk material sanded down. He takes us on a journey of how he discovered his personal style as an artist, including moments of panic, joy, surprise, and awe. Amongst other lessons on life, his stories remind us that just because something broke, it doesn't mean it isn't beautiful, and to not be afraid to take a chance because we never know what is hidden under the next layer we scratch at.
About Simon James
Simon James is a visual artist who combines the two disciplines of painting and sculpture into one rhythmic process that he calls ‘Two-dimensional Sculpture’. After spending two years in Newcastle upon Tyne, traveled to Munich for the first time in 1989. To finance his journey, he painted copies of old masters on the streets. In 1992, he was one of the first artists to take a studio at Domagk Ateliers in Munich, which was to become the largest artist community in Europe.