The bacteria-eating virus that can prevent a global health crisis | Patrick Großmann
TEDxTUMStudio 2021 • Topics: Antibiotics, Bacteriophages, Biotech, Health, Public health, Science, Technology, TEDx

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We are heading towards another global health pandemic - the antibiotic crisis. Over the past century, antibiotics have saved hundreds of millions of lives, due to their high effectiveness in treating infections and killing bacteria. But with increased use, we also increase the likelihood of developing a resistance against them. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is considered as ‘one of the greatest threats to global public health’ by the WHO. In order to combat this global threat, scientists are working with bacteriophages, a type of virus that attacks bacteria. But how do they work, what’s their true potential, and why are they not widely used yet?

About Patrick Großmann

After studying bioinformatics, data science, and genome research at various institutes including Harvard Medical School and ETH Zurich, Patrick Grossmann is looking toward the future and he wants to see something better. So he’s creating it. An entrepreneur as well as a scientist, Patrick understands that no innovation can grow from a corporate atmosphere, which is what led to the founding of his biotechnology company, Invitris. Patrick’s work involves creating synthetic material which fights against these treatment-resistant illnesses; in effect, staving off a massive wave of preventable deaths.